Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Senate Dems shoot down gun privacy bill

After the Roanoke Times published a list of concealed weapon permit-holders, it was realized a law needed to be passed to protect the privacy of those citizens. HB 982, submitted by Delegate Dave Nutter of Christiansburg, would have prohibited access to the names. The House added an exception that would allow Circuit Court clerks to release names only but hold back all other information. It was passed and sent it to the Senate.

Delegate Nutter asked the Democrat-controlled Senate Courts of Justice Committee to delete that provision to protect citizens but they voted 9-7 on Monday to kill the bill.

So much for the privacy rights of conceal weapon carriers.


Dirk van Assendelft said...

This is why I don't like Democrats...and you probably thought I was one ;)

Anonymous said...

Things like this happen when we lose the majority.