Monday, February 25, 2008

RTD: Bush deserves praise in Africa

Many in the mainstream media refuse to spotlight the positive works of President George W. Bush. Kudos to the Richmond Times-Dispatch for the following editorial. It is reprinted in today's Waynesboro News Virginian.

President Bush's trip to Africa emphasized one of the most remarkable -- but rarely remarked upon -- success stories of his administration. The president's $15 billion crusade to battle HIV/AIDS on the continent has already saved 1.4 million lives -- an astonishing number that should make all Americans proud. Bush is working to extend and expand the program.

The Bush administration has been equally aggressive in supporting and paying for programs to fight malaria in Africa. The president has reformed U.S. foreign aid to encourage governments on the continent to adopt democracy, transparency, and protection of human rights -- with admittedly mixed results. His administration has used aggressive diplomacy in the past year to help broker peace accords between Rwanda and Congo and, most recently, a cease-fire between Congo's government forces and militant groups in that country.

Bush also has been a loud and consistent critic of the genocide in Sudan -- though his efforts have largely been stymied by inaction at the U.N. and active encouragement for the Sudanese tyrants from China and other morally challenged nations. While in Rwanda, Bush pledged to spend another $100 million to train and support African peacekeeping troops in Darfur.

Across Africa, Bush was greeted by large, enthusastic crowds. On at least one occasion, the road along his route was covered with flower petals. Don't be surprised if the youngest generation of Africans includes a surprising number of boys named George.

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