Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Plans ready to welcome 116th "Stonewall Brigade" home from Iraq tomorrow

The time of their arrival has changed ... 2:30 p.m. on Thursday ... but the excitement has not dulled as SWAC area residents prepare to welcome home the Staunton Armory's Army National Guard 116th "Stonewall Brigade." Word is spreading throughout the communty and a big "Welcome Home" is planned to greet these returning heroes.

Tomorrow -- Thursday -- the chartered buses carrying soldiers will be escorted by Virginia State Police and the Patriot Riders as they exit the interstate at Rt. 250 (I-81, exit 222) and wind their way through Staunton to the Armory at Gypsy Hill Park. There is a sidewalk along Richmond Road where folks could stand if they wanted to greet the buses as they enter town.

Carl at Spark It Up!! has details of the Patriot Riders as they accompany the soldiers:
PGR will stage just off I-81 on Rte 250 just outside of Staunton, VA and will “insert the escort riders” into the convoy — after the VA State Police escort and before the troop buses — for a mounted escort of a procession through the streets of Staunton, ending at the Armory where PGR will form an Honor Flag Line as the troops disembark and move into the Armory to join their families, friends and comrades at arms.
American flags will line the drive into the Armory as well as Thornrose Avenue just outside the gate. Locals will be standing along the roadway with American flags and signs to welcome them back.

The Stonewall Brigade ... we saw them off in May ... we'll be there tomorrow to see them safely return home.

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