Monday, December 15, 2008

Bacon's Rebellion e-zine now with Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy

Mike Thompson sent out an email Sunday evening saying the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy has assumed the management of Bacon's Rebellion e-zine:
Since the November election I have been spending much of my time at the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy, the state's most respected independent public policy foundation which I founded several years ago. One of our projects has been our effort to assume the management of Virginia's highly acclaimed public policy electronic magazine (or e-zine) called Bacon's Rebellion after its founder and six year editor, James Bacon.

This is a public policy journal of opinions on various issues facing our state. A variety of writers participate and subjects include everything from politics, to state and local budgets, to education, to election analysis, to business issues and environmental ideas. The idea is to present a range of ideas and issues which will elevate the oveall public policy discussion here inVirginia. Bacon's Rebellion is read by many of the top opinion leaders in our state and I hope you will become one of these.

You will be recieving Bacon's Rebellion beginning this week. I hope you like it. You won't agree with everything that is written. I don't agree with everything either. The idea is to bring a variety of ideas to the table for discussion. And I am sure you will find, as I have in reading Bacon's Rebellion for the past six years, that there are a lot of good solid ideas rolling around out there in our state, and even those who we might disagree with have well reasoned ideas in many cases.

You can unsubscribe just as you have been able to do with these emails. Simply follow the instructions and you will be taken off the list. However, I do hope you will allow us to send this to you every time we publish. The first edition under our management at the Thomas Jefferson Institute will come later this week and we hope to publish twice monthly beginning in January. There is an associated Bacon's Rebellion Blog which Jim Bacon will continue to manage and for which the Jefferson Institute will have no formal relationship.

You can find out more about our work at the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy by visiting our website.

Thanks for listening.

Mike Thompson, Chairman and President
Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy
It's good to know Bacon's Rebellion e-zine will still be available.


James Atticus Bowden said...

Please let me know when you get your copy of the ezine. JAB

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

New copy out ... I sent an email to let you know and linked to your article included in the new edition. Way to go, JAB!