Friday, December 12, 2008

Fatal accident at Waynesboro Hardees

The sadness of this story is almost too much to comprehend. The victim's family and the driver of the SUV must all be plunged into grief today. The Hardees where the accident occurred is a block or so from Waynesboro High School where the victim attended school. The accident occurred around 4:00 Thursday afternoon.

According to the Waynesboro News Virginian:

A Waynesboro teen rushed to the hospital Thursday afternoon after being struck by an SUV has died.

Lindsay Hyson was 14.

The girl was struck in the parking lot of Hardees at 1416 West Main Street by a white 2008 Ford Expedition driven by Amy Sledge, 49, who was arriving to pick up her daughter and Hyson, police said.

Police said Sledge was attempting to pull into a parking spot on the west side of the restaurant when her foot slipped off the brake pedal.
Lindsey was pronounced dead at Augusta Medical Center, and Ms. Sledge has been charged with reckless driving.

This is truly a tragedy for all involved. Our prayers go out to Lindsey's family and to Ms. Sledge and her family.

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