Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rob Schilling's radio show cancelled in Charlottesville

Rob Schilling, the former conservative Republican Charlottesville City Council member, has been broadcasting on WINA AM 1070, getting the conservative message out to the masses. Friday he was notified his show unexpectedly cancelled effective immediately. Here is the information sent by former Albemarle GOP Chairman Keith Drake:
The Schilling Show Cancelled! Let's show Rob our support

Charlottesville, Virginia - December 22, 2008 -- If you're getting ready to tune into The Schilling Show in a few minutes on WINA AM 1070, you won't hear Rob Schilling and his program. Rob was informed after last Friday's show his program is cancelled effective immediately.

The cancellation of Rob's program is a huge loss to ATTA and the entire Albemarle / Charlottesville community. Rob was a consistent voice of fiscal conservatism and a champion of the rights of the average taxpayer and common citizen. Rob provided a forum to ATTA for our message: that local government should make every attempt to spend our tax money effectively and efficiently.

Indeed, Peter Wurzer and I were his final guests last Friday. We understand the cancellation was entirely a business decision in response to the tough economic times we're all facing, and that Rob's outspoken conservative message was not a factor. Also, the decision was made at the corporate level by Saga Communications (owner of WINA); and that local WINA management supported keeping The Schilling Show on the air.

This cancellation means WINA no longer broadcasts any local programming with a mainstream conservative theme. "Big government" programs such as The Coy Barefoot Show, The Rick and Jane Morning Show, and Saga Communications' separate Lib-Talk AM radio station remain in place.

Rob worked tirelessly for all of us, and I feel we owe him a bit of our time in return. Please contact the following individuals and let them know how you feel:

Edward Christian-President/CEO of Saga Communications
Phone: 313-886-7070
Fax: 313-886-7150

Steven Goldstein-Executive VP/Group Program Director of Saga Communications
Phone: 203-221-1666
Fax: 203-222-9633

Rick Daniels-WINA Program Director
Phone: 434-220-2300
Fax: 434-220-2304

Renee Quesenberry-WINA General Manager
Phone: 434-220-2300
Fax: 434-220-2304

Thanks, and have a Merry Christmas. -- Keith

Keith C. Drake, Ph. D.
Chairman, ATTA

P.S. If you want to send Rob a note, you can contact him at: schilling@allhookedup.com

About the Albemarle Truth in Taxation Alliance (ATTA)

The Albemarle Truth in Taxation Alliance is a Political Action Committee (PAC) registered with the Virginia State Board of Elections. Its non-partisan mission is to promote more effective and efficient Albemarle County government, focusing on the budgeting process and taxation issues.

In 2007, ATTA educated citizens about a state law requiring a proportional drop in the tax rate when assessments rise more than 1%, and also the Albemarle Supervisors' proposed 30% tax increase. ATTA's efforts resulted in a public outcry against the tax increase and a nearly $10 million savings to taxpayers.

Albemarle Truth In Taxation Alliance
Keith C. Drake, Ph.D. Chairman
(434) 974-1617

Albemarle Truth in Taxation Alliance
Peter Wurzer
Director of Research
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