Sunday, December 14, 2008

NRA updates for Virginia ...

The National Rifle Association of America's latest newsletter has updates on Virginia:
Update on Virginia Crime Commission Hearing: On Tuesday, December 9, the Virginia Crime Commission held a hearing on possible legislation for the 2009 session. The Crime Commission's mission was to analyze the difference between Federal and State law regarding the definition of a dealer and determine if Virginia may possibly regulate the sale of firearms by private individuals. The Commission ruled that no recommendations will be voted upon, but it has set a meeting date of Tuesday, January 13, for a vote on legislative proposals. Please continue checking your email and for any updates on this matter.

Right-to-Carry Permit Process Streamlined in Spotsylvania County: Also on Tuesday, December 9, the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to remove the fingerprinting stage of requirements to obtain a Right-to-Carry permit. The removal of this clause will not only make things easier for applicants, but it will also ease the burden on the County Sheriff due to the dramatic spike in permit applications this year. Thank you to all of the NRA members who answered the call and either contacted the Board of Supervisors or attended the hearing. Without you, this victory would not have been possible.

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