Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thank you, President Bush ... Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, the United States and our allies removed the regime that harbored the terrorists who plotted the 9/11 attacks.

As a result, more than 25 million Afghans are free; the terrorist training camps have been shut down; and Afghanistan has become an ally in the war on terror.

Today Afghanistan has a democratically elected President, a national assembly, and a market economy. Women are voting and starting their own businesses. Millions more children are in school, including girls who were once banned from the classroom.

President Bush and President Karzai established the U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council in 2002 to help give Afghan women the opportunity to improve their lives and rebuild their country. First Lady Laura Bush made three trips to Afghanistan to underscore America’s commitment to this work.

Although Afghanistan still faces serious challenges, the international community is working together to help this emerging democracy succeed.

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