Wednesday, December 17, 2008

WRVA's Lee Brothers' second annual "Christmas Wishes from Home"

First, I would like to welcome the Lee Brothers to Blog Net News. These two radio personalities are two of the most patriotic people you will find anywhere. Their blog header says: "Right wing, Pro-Life, Pro-America, Pro-Buisness … any questions?"

The Lee Brothers will be hosting their second annual Christmas Wishes from Home next week for families and friends of our military men and women. If you are within the listening area of the WRVA 1140 AM signal, tune in for a program that will warm your heart and bring tears to your eyes.

Our thanks to Scott and Richard Lee for their patriotism, their conservative beliefs, and their support of our troops.

Here are details about the Christmas Wishes from Home program:

Please join us for the second annual Christmas Wishes from Home on Tuesday, Dec 23rd from 3-6pm on 1140 WRVA!

This segment is for families and friends who want to wish our troops a Merry Christmas on air! We will post the show at our site and so that our troops can listen at their convenience. It will be like you are talking directly to them!

We will read e-mails and letters on the air during the show. If you can’t call in, please send an e-mail.

Spread the word and let us show our troops that we are thinking of them during these special Christmas season!

God Bless America!
And may God bless the Lee Brothers.


Anonymous said...

Two GREAT Americans. I miss listening to them since moving from Richmond.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...