Sunday, December 14, 2008

Breaking ... President Bush in Iraq to thank the troops

Fox News Channel is breaking the news this morning that President George W. Bush is in Iraq to say farewell to the troops:
Air Force One, Bush's distinctive powder blue-and-white jetliner, landed at Baghdad International Airport in the afternoon local time, after a secretive Saturday night departure from Washington and an 11-hour flight.

Aiming to celebrate a new security pact between Washington and Baghdad, the president planned meetings with top U.S. officials stationed in Iraq as well as with Iraqi leaders.It was Bush's fourth visit to the war zone as president and his last before President-elect Barack Obama takes office Jan. 20. Bush's most recent Iraq stop was over 15 months ago, in September 2007.

Bush's trip was conducted under heavy security and a strict cloak of secrecy. People traveling with the president agreed to tell almost no one about the plans. The White House tried to avoid raising suspicion about the president's whereabouts by putting out false schedules detailing activities planned for Bush in Washington on Sunday. Though the security situation in Iraq has improved dramatically, a trip to that war zone is still considered dangerous.
This President has been extremely thankful to the military men and women who answered the call to protect this country from terrorism by meeting it overseas and not here on our shores.

Though it is a surprise to hear this morning that he is in Iraq, it is not a shock. It sounds like George W. Bush.

Godspeed and prayers up for the safety our our military troops and President George W. Bush. Thank you to all for keeping us safe from terrorism.

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