Thursday, December 18, 2008

Random acts of kindness ...

Stacy over at Smart Girl Politics, a coalition of conservative women bloggers of which I am a member, has a great post up urging all to participate in random acts of kindness throughout the year ... but those acts of kindness may be even more touching during the holidays. She calls it "pay it forward" after a movie of the same name:

... a small boy ... starts a nationwide movement by doing one small good deed for someone in need. The only thing that he asks in return is for that person to pay it forward and do a good deed for someone else. The story continues with thousands of people helping out their fellow man.
Angel trees ... picking up the dinner tab for a military wife whose husband is in Iraq ... paying for a friend's birthday drinks ... sitting in the hospital with a neighbor ... taking a meal to someone who is alone ... corresponding with a military mom who has lost a son ... hugging a friend who is down ... opening your home to those who are alone for the holidays ... sending a card to a military member ... babysitting for a military wife so she can shop for Christmas ... donating to Goodwill and the Salvation Army ... give a large-print magazine subscription to an elderly aunt ... shovel a neighbor's driveway ... hold the door open for a fellow shopper ... drop a note to a pastor, teacher, friend who has stood by you at a time of need.

Stacy plans to provide lunch to the local recruiting station the week before Christmas and, as she says, they have already paid it forward. She writes:
I want to ask that those who read my blog or are members of Smart Girl Politics think of a way that they can pay it forward. Whether you pay for someone's lunch that is in a drive-thru line behind you or buy someone's groceries who are in line ahead of you, find a way to pay it forward for someone. You can even get one of those Dear Santa dead letters at your local post office and fulfill someone's dream.

I have always wanted to pay it forward and this Christmas I will finally complete the mission. If you choose this mission, I would love for you to come back and share with everyone what you did to pay it forward.
Random acts of kindness ... they can change someone's life....

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