Monday, December 15, 2008

Our agile President ...

How about our President Bush quick-stepping away from those flying shoes thrown by a rude Iraqi journalist in Iraq? If you saw the video, the shoe-launcher slung those things from about 10-12 feet away like a hard ball, leaving little reaction time.

Someone not as athletic or alert would have been hit up-side the head by the flying footwear ... but not the President.

And speaking of which ... that journalist, instead of slinging shoes at George W. Bush, should have kissed his feet in thanks for the fact that his country now offers freedom of speech (and expression). If he had tried that trick with Saddam Hussein, he would have been dead.

Meanwhile, the President continues to be extremely popular with American troops and they were able to relay their respect for him during this trip, his last as President of the United States visiting his troops on the battle ground.

Thank you, President Bush. Thank you to our military men and women.

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