Friday, December 26, 2008

Lowe's employee says she was fired over Christmas pin

The Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee are not where I have found political correctness ... Christmas is celebrated by most in the mountains around Newport, TN.

Check out this story by a woman who said her, "It's CHRISTmas for Christ's sake" pin, given to her by a customer when she admired it, got her fired by Lowe's Home Improvement management.

WATE TV-6 out of Knoxville, TN, has the story of what happened when Kristie Sutton was asked to remove the pin:
Sutton says she didn't remove it immediately. Instead, she pleaded her case to the human resources manager.

"I asked him why they could sell Christmas products, sell nativity scenes," she said, "but I couldn't wear a Christian pin?"

Sutton says she was told because of store policy, no one would be allowed to wear a pin supporting a religion.
Video of the interview as well as the transcript are on the WATE site.

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