Friday, December 19, 2008

Staunton City Council discusses concerns with Hanger, Saxman

Staunton's City Council members met with state legislators Thursday night to discuss the upcoming General Assembly session, providing a wish list of their concerns.

As reported in the News Leader, Sen. Emmett Hanger and Del. Chris Saxman offered assurance they would do what they could for some issues but were not in agreement with Council on others:
With significant education cuts looming during the upcoming General Assembly session, local legislators committed to help soften the burden for Staunton during a special meeting with City Council.

“The one thing I picked up from my colleagues in both the House and the Senate is whatever happens in the area of education, we want to provide enough flexibility as possible to local governments and school boards so they can make their own decisions,” said Del. Chris Saxman, R-Staunton.
Cell phones banned while driving? Primary seat belt law? Beer tax? New arts center? Some were supported by Council; some were supported by the legislators. The meeting offered an opportunity for Staunton's governing body to pass along their concerns. More coverage can be found at WHSV TV-3.

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