Wednesday, December 17, 2008

George W endorses Jeb for U.S. Senate

“He would be an awesome U.S. senator.”
--President George W. Bush (interview with RealClearPolitics)
Politico is reporting that President George W. Bush is happy with the thought of his younger brother, Jeb, running as a representative from Florida to the U.S. Senate:
“I think the party would benefit a lot by having Jeb Bush in the U.S. Senate,” the president added. “I think Florida would benefit a lot. I think the country would benefit a lot. And I think the Republican Party would benefit a lot. He is a proven leader who, when given responsibilities, succeeded.”

Earlier this month Jeb, a former two-term governor of Florida, told Politico that he is “considering” a run for Martinez’s seat. The Florida senator announced his retirement on Dec. 2.

To rebuild the GOP brand, the former governor has said the party needs to embrace reform and broaden the party’s outreach, especially to Hispanics. He also suggests a renewed commitment to core Republican principles such as a limited scope of government.
Run, Jeb, run!

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Please Jeb,RUN