Thursday, December 11, 2008

A red, white, and blue Christmas 2008 at the White House

"This year’s theme celebrates the patriotic spirit that unites us as Americans. During this hopeful season we are reminded of the blessings of freedom we enjoy, and we renew our sense of what is important in our lives. Family and friends gather to share old traditions and create new ones. Strangers exchange smiles and tidings of good cheer. Children happily sing along to the songs of the holidays and help bake holiday treats for their loved ones." - President and Mrs. George W. Bush

This year's Christmas at the White House celebrates patriotism in America. The Christmas tree ornaments are from every state in the nation. Be sure and check out the one from Virginia.

I had the pleasure of joining my White House staff sister, my other sister, and my mother for the White House Christmas in 2001. It was a winter wonderland in the East Room with snow-laden trees, icicles, and tiny white lights ... I was in awe ... and have photos in my living room of our visit.

Christmas at the White House ... it is indeed a beautiful sight.

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