Friday, September 18, 2009

9/12 Rally in DC ... and the boom box

During the 9/12 Rally in Washington, DC, as speakers were addressing the crowd and ralliers were cheering, a boom box started up somewhere behind the Capitol reflecting pool.

Boom ... boom boom boom ... boom. It was so loud that finally those of us on the steps of the Grant statue began to look around and ask, "Where is that coming from?" It was not loud enough to drown out speakers but had that bass "boom-boom" that was a little jarring.

We never figured out the location ... but I heard the rest of the story Tuesday when debriefing over lunch with another organizer.

She was sitting on the wall of the reflecting pool with "Sherry Ann from Indiana" ... the boom box started up near them and they couldn't hear the speakers anymore.

Finally an African American gentleman with a very loud boom box was asked, "Why are you doing this to us?"

He said he had been hired ... that the people who hired him "wanted him to do a survey to determine how many people were opposed to the health care plan." He himself was not doing anything other than manning the boom box but some nearby people observed another individual wearing a blue cap with the Obama campaign logo carrying a clipboard. None of them, however, had been questioned about health care.

Just one of the interesting side stories about 9/12 when We the People went to Washington.

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