Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I agree with the Other McCain

The Other McCain asks, "Can't All Conservatives At Least Agree that Glenn Beck is not the enemy?"


It is tiring to hear people attack the messenger instead of the message ... and Glenn Beck is a case in point. Some think it's not cool to admit that they agree with Beck ... but he has helped to awaken conservatives in this country.

His "We Surround Them" parties around the nation earlier this year alerted folks that they were not alone in their thoughts and concerns over the direction of America.

His "9/12 Project" gave folks something to hold onto and showed that others had the same basic beliefs as they.

His research into the Obama administration should have been done by the formerly mainstream media. If not for Beck, how else would we have learned of the radical communist background of former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones? "Mainline" news outlets never mentioned the controversy until after Jones resigned.

Beck is researching ACORN and exposing the corruption in that mammoth organization that thrives on tax dollars. Now Congress and others are backing away from the organization, and the Census Bureau has broken its ties with ACORN.

Beck is researching other groups such as APOLLO that were founded by radicals who are now firmly planted in the White House with Barack Obama.

Barack Obama said, "Judge me by the people I surround myself with." Glenn Beck took him at his word and began to look into the people who surround Obama ... and he is sharing what he has found.

For too long Americans have remained silent. For too long our elected officials were voted in to do a job ... and then fell in with the old ways of Congress. For too long the status quo has continued in Washington, DC.

So Glenn Beck came along and began to research and expose and connect the dots. He reached out through his talk radio show and his Fox News TV show to assure folks he would be working on this, that their concerns were being heard, and that they were not the only ones who wondered what was going on.

He assured them that they were not alone.

Perhaps those who distance themselves and disagree the most are the ones who should have been doing the investigating in the first place. Instead they malign and joke about the man ... they belittle and make fun.

Meanwhile, Beck and his family and employees have been threatened because he has dared to expose corruption ... yet he is attacked by his own allies? While the Left circles the wagons and protects its own no matter what they do, we are determined to tear our people down.

And that is why the Other McCain is saying, "Glenn Beck is not the enemy!"

Glenn Beck was a driving force in disseminating information that caused the dismissal of Van Jones. He is still digging. Pay attention ... you may be surprised as what he finds next.

Update: Mike is on this, too.


Mike said...

You beat me by 13 minutes.
So I linked you.
Pundette has me as one of her links of the day, so I'm on my best behavior today.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Oops ... sorry to scoop you! But it bugs me ... Beck is breaking stories that the MSM is ignoring and what does he get? Grief from his own natural allies.

Everytime we devour our own, the Dems sit back and laugh. We shoot ourselves in the foot ... and they reap the benefits of another conservative being taken out of commission. I don't agree with everything Beck does ... I don't even always agree with how he delivers the message. However, I recognize the fact that he is doing a job others are neglecting.

Bottom line: we have to decide what we want. Do we want to save this country from spiraling into socialism ... or are we more interested in being the "cool" kid on the block by dismissing the "nerdy" kid who is bringing out all the facts and exposing the corruption?

It's time for some to wake up and grow up.