Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Military Voting Project ... make sure their votes count

It's election season again ... and we have thousands of military personnel around the world who are there protecting our freedom at home. We should make sure their votes count on Election Day.

Adam at Project Virginia has highlighted this issue:
Protect Military Voting In Virginia

Would you believe me if I said over 80 percent of military voters were unable to cast a ballot that counted in the 2008 general election? You can read the details of this shocking disenfranchisement of America’s military personnel at the Heritage Foundation website. More importantly, you can do something about it.

Irrespective of political inclination, I think we can agree that a much higher percentage of those protecting our form of government ought to be able to actually participate in it.

***Here’s how you can help make every military vote count this year***

If you’re in the Armed Forces or you know someone in the Armed Forces, go here to request a ballot by email or fax.

Share the link, tell those you know who serve to request a ballot via email or fax. Post that link on your favorite blog, your Twitter account, on Facebook, etc. with the title “Military Voting Project.”

In the past, the major obstacle to these votes being counted has been the logistical issue of waiting for a ballot in the mail, receiving it, and having to mail it back to the local election registrar – all within the allotted amount of time. Frequently, the mail simply doesn’t get to those stationed abroad until far too late.

To ensure that all ballots reach these individuals with ample time to have them returned, we need to educate our military voters on their right to obtain a ballot via email or fax. This will ensure they have the necessary amount of time to submit their ballot and have their vote counted.

I, along with the rest of ProjectVirginia, feel very strongly about this issue, so I hope all of our readers and supporters will join us in working towards making Virginia a place where ALL of our military service men and women have their votes counted. They sure do deserve it.
Requests must be received by October 5, 2009.

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