Friday, September 25, 2009

McDonnell says yes, Deeds says no to Fox News debate

This morning on Fox & Friends, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace revealed that the show had offered a platform for Republican Bob McDonnell and Democrat Creigh Deeds to debate for the gubernatorial campaign on Fox News Sunday, and had asked for a list of dates that were available for them.

The McDonnell campaign, he said, provided about 10 dates ... the Deeds campaign provided NONE. Therefore, Mr. Wallace said, they will be talking with Bob McDonnell this Sunday and not with Creigh Deeds.

So tune into Fox News Sunday as host Chris Wallace sits down with Republican Bob McDonnell to discuss the gubernatorial campaign.

Bob McDonnell for Governor

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Unknown said...

If you missed it, watch the archive video at

As an independent who watched the last debate, I'm not surprised Deeds will avoid any co-appearance with McDonnell. It was clear in that match up who has more leadership ability.

In this election, it is less about party lables and more about the issues. The less Repubs put the party crown on McDonnell the more appealing he is to Independents.