Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dem blogosphere: desperate times call for desperate headlines

It's not a stretch to feel as if the Democrat bloggers are getting desperate in these final weeks of the 2009 campaign season as seen by the ridiculous headlines going through Blog Net News.

Bob McDonnell is doing well as the Republican gubernatorial candidate as indicated by his consistent lead in polls since June, and racking up impressive endorsements throughout the state. In response, one Democrat blog's headline screamed out:
Um, yeah ... I'm quaking in my boots.

Another Democrat blasts:
On Transportation, Wash Post Praises Deeds, Bashes McDonnell.
Where's the news? Was it supposed to be the part about the Washington Post being for the Democrat and slamming the Republican? That's not news ... that's expected.

Then we have this alarmist headline by someone who obviously has not noticed that ACORN is crashing to the ground and former Green Jobs Czar radical with communist ties Van Jones has been dismissed from the Obama administration:
Glenn Beck Kills Frogs Live On The Air.
It was a rubber frog, for pete sake. It happened on Wednesday's show and even former Ambassador John Bolton was sitting there and proved it was rubber. Chill out and get your facts straight!

But the one that takes the cake this week is this out-of-control and completely irresponsible headline from someone who is supposed to be, I think, a lawyer:
The Republican Party murdered a census worker Sunday.
I guess a lawyer would know slanderous language and certainly would not go near it....

Things must be really bad on the Democrat side of the aisle with their wild attacks of messengers and using diversion tactics to this extent. Liberal trolls are out there working the blogosphere, too.

Stay tuned ... I'm sure the last six weeks leading up to Election Day will see even more drama as the Democrats grab for any dirt, trash, or half-truths they can find to throw at Republican candidates. It's too bad we can't have rational debate and discuss issues.

Get your popcorn and enjoy the show because you have to laugh ... otherwise you would slam the computer screen with your shoe!

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