Monday, September 28, 2009

Home school leader Chris Klicka update ... not good news

UPDATE 12 October 2009: Home school community loses HSLDA's Chris Klicka, 48, longtime home school advocate who has battled MS for years.

The latest update from the Klicka family's pastor is not good news as Chris Klicka has taken a turn for the worse in Colorado and is too weak to be moved back to Virginia. He has been placed in hospice care in a friend's home in Colorado Springs and, short of a miracle, Chris' 20-year battle with MS may be nearing an end. His wife, Tracy, is with him and an update can be found at the website:
Chris is deeply convinced that God is superintending his life and his body in such a way that when his body ceases to function in a way that it can sustain itself, then the Lord is making clear to Chris that it is time for him to go home to be with Christ in heaven. And so it is with a great mixture of sadness and yet distinct hope that Tracy along with Chris are making the decision to transition Chris to hospice care at the home of very dear and very trusted friends here in Colorado Springs. They have made the decision to not move Chris again, including home to Virginia, and to make him as calm and comfortable to enjoy his remaining days surrounded by his family.

The only regret that Tracy has in that decision is not being able to be back home in Virginia with church family and close friends who have been so dear to them. She would have loved to give everyone an opportunity to speak and pray with Chris and to grieve together with the family. Please know however that Tracy is convinced that God's wisdom and care is being played out in these circumstances and that there will be many good things to come out of this. The family is abiding and trusting in God's wisdom and provision, which has been incredibly abundant here in Colorado Springs. Please know as well though that Tracy is thinking of you all with a heavy heart and with deep love and affection.
There is a specific prayer request from the family as passed on by their pastor:
Would you please join Tracy and family in giving thanks to God for his grace in Chris' life and would you pray for them that they would have strength and peace to continue to walk through the necessary details of this decision. Please also pray that God would help them take care of all the necessary arrangements to get their youngest son, John, back out to Colorado, as well as Bethany's husband Ben, and Megan's fiancé Brendan. There is yet much to do but they are keeping in primary view what God has already done in sending his Son and in giving hope and life and peace through his Son.

You are an expression of God's loving care to them. Thank you for your love and prayers.
Our prayers are with the Klicka family in Colorado, and the HSLDA, HEAV, and home schooling communities who have benefitted from Chris' involvement throughout the years.

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Unknown said...

I am deeply saddened as I just heard the news of Chris going home. He touched my life with his book the Heart of Homeschooling. I lost my wife 3 1/2 years ago to cancer. I continue to homeschool my 2 kids. I give credit to a great pioneer and champion for homeschooling...He is a man's man....Dr.Bryan Stahl