Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dems plan to AstroTurf Monday's RTD townhall meeting

Received the following message from the Richmond Tea Party folks. It shows the shenanigans the liberals are up to for Monday's townhall meeting with the Times Dispatch in Richmond:
Public Square: Understanding Health Care Reform

If you are planning to participate in the Public Square Monday at the Times Dispatch, you ought to be leaving soon!

The paper promoted the Forum heavily over the weekend in both editions, with large articles about it on page A1, A11 and A13 in just Sunday's paper alone. That's quite a bit of promo when there will be NO parking available in the RTD parking deck, and seating limited to 225 people.

"We already know there's a good chance that not everyone who comes can get in....But the Public Square has never been about filling a coliseum or theater," said Tom Silvestri, publisher of the Times-Dispatch. (No, those are too big! Think: cubbyhole.)

Location: 300 E. Franklin St, Downtown
Time: Doors open at 9am; First Come-First Served
Parking: Decks and lots are nearby - bring cash!

The Public Square is titled "Understanding Health-Care Reform". Understanding is definitely in Short Supply, even where this Public Square is concerned.

Our email server is burning hot with questions like: Why is it being held on a Monday morning when many Tea Party members are working? Won't unemployed people have a better chance to make up the audience and therefore skew the conversation? And: Why is Organizing for America telling its members to make "fliers" when signs are supposedly not allowed?

This Just In from tea party member Scott B:
"I have signed up on the "Organizing for America" website as an attendee as well, hoping they would tip their hand as to their strategy at these events...

Well, they have sent me several emails in the last few hours, and it looks like they are trying to shut us out at this event as well. They are meeting at 8:00AM (doors open at 9:00AM), and are handing out signs (!!! against the rules!!!), and stickers to their people.

One of the things they are doing is giving out "flyers" that say "THANK YOU" to hold up when one of their points is made. I have printed up very similar "flyers" to theirs that say "NO THANKS" and I will hand those out to anyone who will take them. I could use a little help with the handing out if anyone will volunteer to help with that."
Can you help Scott? Get there early.

Bottom Line: Get There Early and Don't Let Their Stickers Bother You. They are the real astroturf.

Gotta work?

Listen to the Public Square live via

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blueridgeguy said...

When I first saw the announcement for this "town Hall" I also questioned the scheduled time. What hard working person can take off first thing on a Monday morning to attend this event.You are correct in assuming that it will be attended by the unemployed and the semi-professional left wing activist.

They are obviously not interested in having a serious debate or they would have scheduled this for an evening when working people could attend.