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Deeds campaign continues to deceive Virginia voters

New Low: Deeds Ignores Virginia Newspapers, Continues to Willfully Deceive Virginia Voters
Latest Ad Ignores Editorials Calling APCO Claim "Outright Lie"; "Blatant Lie"; "Not Honest"

From the Bob McDonnell for Governor campaign....

RICHMOND- After multiple editorials finding Creigh Deeds' attacks on Bob McDonnell regarding electricity rate increases to be completely without merit and false, the Democrat has now gone up with a NEW ad reiterating the same erroneous claims. As of this press release, it does not appear the Deeds' campaign has posted this new ad to their website, perhaps aware of the new lows the ad reaches.

Deeds' First Round of False APCO Claims Have Been Roundly Rebuked by Independent Observers.

The Lynchburg New & Advance TODAY
"His (Deeds) television ads have been below-the-belt and beyond-the-pale attacks. The most egregious was the spot entitled "$300 Million," which has been on a constant loop in Central and Southwest Virginia. The ad outright blames McDonnell for the increase in electricity bills that Appalachian Power Co. customers have seen in recent months, a blatant lie and distortion."
Read the Full Editorial Here:

The Lynchburg News and Advance September 20th
"The ad in question, which has been shown in our part of the state, outright blames McDonnell, then the state's attorney general, for Appalachian Power Co.'s recent series of rate hikes.
It's an outright lie, and the good senator and his campaign operatives know it. APCo, under the law (a law Deeds voted for as a state senator) is indeed entitled to collect certain costs and expenses from its customers. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but to suggest, as he does in the ad, that there was a dark cabal between the GOP, McDonnell and Big Power (to coin a phrase) is disengenous, at best.

Read the Full Editorial Here:

The Roanoke Times September 18th

"Before customers who have choked on high electric bills break out their pitchforks and go after McDonnell, they should know that Deeds' ad is not honest."

" pretend that McDonnell did anything but represent consumers and uphold the law is deceptive. Deeds should be ashamed."

Read the Full Editorial Here

While Deeds' has Chosen to Ignore Virginia Newspapers, Here are the Facts..... Again

Deeds Voted For the System His Ads Decry:
· SB1416, 2007

Deeds is Intentionally Misleading Voters About How the Regulatory System Works:
· Re-regulation returned the utilities to their previous status as monopoly providers
· By law, they must be allowed to recover the reasonable and prudent costs of providing service, and a reasonable profit
· The role of the Attorney General in those rate proceedings before the SCC was and is to represent Virginia's consumers, not to approve rate increases
· Bob McDonnell was doing his job as consumer counsel in the system that Creigh Deeds voted to implement.

Deeds' Ads Ignores the Hundreds of Millions in Savings Bob McDonnell Secured for Virginia Consumers:
· As Attorney General, Bob McDonnell stood up for Virginia consumers, recommending billions in savings, and saving citizens hundreds of millions
· From 2006 to 2008, APCo requested over $600 million in rate increases, and another $4 billion for a clean coal powered electricity generating plan in West Virginia
· Under the leadership of McDonnell, the OAG successfully limited these increases, saving consumers nearly $300 million

With Only 37 Days Left in the 2009 Election, Virginians Deserve Far Better than Creigh Deeds' False Attacks.

Bob McDonnell for Governor 2009

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