Friday, September 25, 2009

Netanyahu: Profile of a leader

I am ashamed of the words coming out of the mouth of Barack Obama when he is in the presence of world leaders. It is reminiscent of the kid on the playground who strives to fit in with the cool kids ... and so he says and does whatever he thinks will impress them.

In Obama's effort to be a "cool kid" to the rest of the world -- or, perhaps I should say, to our enemies -- he is selling us out, criticizing our great country that so many fought and died for, and placing blame on us for any number of perceived short-fallings. He ignores his true and loyal friends ... Great Britain, Poland, Chechslavakia.

And then along comes a leader so strong and powerful in his remarks that the world stops ... leans in ... and listens: "Have ... you ... no ... shame?"

Thank God for men like Benjamin Netanyahu.

Update: The Washington Times has the entire transcript of Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks at the United Nations.

Check out American Power's post and commentary.

H/T Shaun Kenney


Isophorone said...

I would also recommend checking out the full text of Netanyahu's speech. I believe Powerline had a link.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

I found it at the Washington Times ...

Inspirational and forceful ... standing up for what he believes in and for the people he represents ... not an apologist for his country. THAT is a leader!

Joy Jackson said...

He is one of my heroes. My son said something sad, but true, "Netanyahu is now the leader of the free world."