Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Journey blog presents "Thyme Magazine"

THYME Magazine ... all the conservative news fit to read ... brought to you by SWAC blogger Bob Kirchman at The Journey blog.

Can't find fair and balanced news about former Green Jobs Czar Van Johnson? Check THYME.

Looking for first-hand accounts of military life in Iraq? Check THYME.

My favorite in the premiere issue ... libs threaten (promise?) to boycott South Carolina. As THYME writes:
Liberals to Boycott South Carolina, Let's Go There!

Yes, they're upset at Joe Wilson and talking about boycotting the state's tourist industry. Just imagine!... those beautiful beaches and mountains... and none of those 'Obama' stickers. Pack up the SUV and plan your South Carolina Vacation now.

South Carolina Department of Tourism [click to read].
THYME Magazine ... conservative news in a world of liberal propaganda. Get your copy today!

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