Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jimmy Carter at JMU Monday to receive "Global Nonviolence Award"

Jimmy Carter called the 9/12 marchers in Washington, DC, "racists."

He ... was ... wrong.

I was a 9/12 marcher ... I am not a racist. Mr. Carter is very presumptuous to make that decision about a million Americans peaceably standing up to be heard in D.C.

I have written commentary on Jimmy Carter before ... said it then and I'll say it again: "With all due respect ... Jimmy Carter needs to shut up."

Now Harrisonburg's James Madison University wants to award him the "Global Nonviolence Award" on Monday, September 21.

JMU's press release about the event said:
The award ceremony will be held at 7 p.m., Monday, September 21, 2009, at JMU Convocation Center, 895 University Boulevard, Harrisonburg.

Reserved seating for the event is sold out but $5 general admission seats are still available. Tickets must be purchased in advance of the ceremony and are available online; by phone at 540.568.3853; or for pick-up at JMU Convocation Center Ticket Office (Entrance D).
Many JMU students protested Barack Obama's presence on campus last fall. Word is they will do the same with Jimmy Carter on Monday.


Irvin said...

did he really call all the marchers racists? I would be surprised. Do you have a specific quote? I ask simply because I am interested. I have had more respect for Carter than to assume he would call such a wide group of people racists.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

A quick Google search brings up the quote in the Washington Post:

Further Google searching finds many other sites with the quote.

I lost any respect for Jimmy Carter when he continually criticized President George W. Bush. As a former president, he of all people understood the pressure cooker of the position ... and should have kept his mouth shut.

Now as everyday Americans speak out against overspending and overreaching by the government, he should keep his mouth shut again instead of making (wrong) judgments about those everyday Americans.