Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Passionate caller to Rush Limbaugh

In the 2:00 hour of the Rush Limbaugh radio show today, an impassioned woman called and was so articulate that it stopped me in my tracks as I cleaned house. Susan in Glendale's passion nailed the anger and frustration of the "little people" in this nation ... the ones who pay the salary of the electeds but feel powerless against a government that is not listening.

This woman lives in California and is "represented" by Barbara Boxer. As a mother of seven, she expressed what many would like to say. Rush Limbaugh has put up the transcript of the call and the link to listen to it.

I have seen hundreds of thousands of patriots with her passion and emotion over the past eight months. It does not seem to be dying away ... it seems to be growing.

We will remember in November 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012....


pasquale55 said...

The passionate caller cited her father's and her father-in-law's sacrifices in the military as the reason to oppose health care. The argument here, of course, is that after their sacrifices they and their generation are being betrayed by the President and Congress.
Her anger was palpable. She expressed the idea that she could not support public health care with money taken from her family by a government that dishonors past sacrifice.
There must be more to the story. The comrades of her father and father-in-law returned to civilian life, and previous legislation made it possible for amputees, brain-injured and traumatized to have medical care and financial support for the remainder of their lives. No one, conservative or liberal, seeks to deny them that care. But the country is full of others traumatized ... and if unemployed ... uninsurable. Many (victims of MS, cancer patients, accident victims, schizophrenics) are in many cases -- not all! -- uninsured. The position that "government is the problem" when it steps in to assist the uncared-for is a poor position indeed.
Vigilance is a better solution than horrid imaginings of our families being robbed. No one wants to see the undeserving take advantage of any publicly-funded program -- health care, military contracts, highway and bridge-builing funds, etc. Thomas Paine's analogy of a civilization cast onto a remote spot on earth and working together to ensure their mutual survival cannot be interpreted either as advocacy for liberal or conservative, government or non-government, policies. I too do not want to see poor management of my tax dollars, but I am grateful that so much good has been done with them, done with good legislation and good supervision of the funds. Not always, but enough to make me feel that this country is imperfect but grand, and this government is showy, often wasteful, and too self-congratulatory -- but the best on earth.

Map Maker said...

That audio is going to go viral all over the internet as soon as it is out. I was looking for it right now and found your post.

Bob K. said...

Mr Hotchkiss,

It's at on the free side. I just listened to it again!