Monday, September 21, 2009

Man-made drought in CA destroying farms to save "endangered" minnow

When it comes to protecting humans ... or protecting endangered animal species at the cost of humans ... which is more important? From the Wall Street Journal:

In 1931, a severe drought began that within a few years engulfed the Oklahoma panhandle and a third of the Great Plains in a "Dust Bowl." Tens of thousands of people fled the region—many traveling to California along Route 66, which John Steinbeck called "the mother road, the road of flight" in "The Grapes of Wrath."

A lot of the "Okies" settled in the San Joaquin Valley. In the decades that followed, state and federal officials built dams and other irrigation projects that helped turn the valley into some of the world's richest farmland.

But today the San Joaquin Valley is being transformed into a dust bowl. Hundreds of thousands of acres are fallow, while almond and plum trees are being left to die in the scorching sun. Tens of thousands of people have been tossed out of work—the town of Mendota alone has an unemployment rate of about 40%—and the lines for food donations stretch down streets. The reason? There isn't enough water to go around this year, and the Obama administration is drawing up new reasons to divert more of it from farms and people and into the San Francisco Bay.
Concrete Bob at United Conservatives was watching Sean Hannity last week in disbelief as thousands of residents gathered with Hannity as he broadcasted his Fox News show in the very fields that are dried up and dying. Unemployment is 40% ... livelihoods are ruined ... farmers are at the mercy of a government that has buckled to environmentalists.

Read the entire Wall Street Journal article. Radical environmentalists ... they choose animals over humans just about every time. How do they rationalize doing that while talking about nationalized health care out of the other side of their mouths ... professing concern for the poor, the homeless, the needy?

How about professing a little concern for hard-working people who were taking care of themselves? They are now left with nothing ... what better proof that the government wants dependent people on its rolls?

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."--Edmund Burke

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Bob K. said...

I guess in Cass Sunstien's world, you've gotta let the fish win. In my world that's a crime.