Sunday, September 20, 2009

ACORN investigation ... libs kill the messenger instead of researching the fraud

Does anyone -- anyone? -- pay attention to liberal Media Matters? They don't matter! They are supposed to be media watchdogs ... yet they doctor the tapes to make the story turn out the way they want?

An example is this post from Wizbang blog exposing MM's tactics of selective reporting in order to "prove" their accusations: Another Distortion and Attempt to Defend ACORN by Attacking the Messenger.

Case in point is Glenn Beck's airing of the undercover tape by the 20- and 25-year-old investigative reporters (doing the work of the former mainstream media who, when I was young, were the ones doing investigative reporting) in the continuing research into the corrupt ACORN group.

Media Matters apparently cut-and-spliced the tape to leave out pertinent points made by Glenn Beck in order to make him sound like a nut and enhance Media Matters' position that Beck didn't ask questions but made assumptions ... which he did not.

Read the post ... watch the video ... and then look at the portions that were cropped out of the video by the liberal Media Matters ...

... and mourn the fact that mainstream journalism is dead and there is no balanced investigative reporting anymore.

No wonder Fox News' ratings continue to go through the roof, beating out the competition over and over and over and over....

H/T Jerry at From On High

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