Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tributes pour in for HSLDA's Chris Klicka

UPDATE 12 October 2009: Home school community lost HSLDA attorney Chris Klicka, 48, today after a long battle with MS.

As Chris Klicka remains critically ill in Colorado, too weak to travel back home to Virginia in his final days, tributes and prayers pour in from throughout the country for this warrior for the home schooling cause.

Home school leader Doug Phillips writes in Doug's Blog:
The hearts of America’s home school leaders were turned to our beloved friend and homeschool hero, Chris Klicka, who has suffered from MS for more than fifteen years, and was admitted into a Colorado hospital during the event. Chris has suffered greatly for years now, but this weekend his condition became life-threatening when his temperature dropped to eighty-five degrees. Though he has recently showed some positive signs, he remains in very serious condition. Both he and his dear wife Tracy have supreme confidence in the sovereign God, and are prepared for His will to be done, be that life or eternity.

It was my pleasure to serve with Chris on the legal staff of HSLDA for six years, during which time we had many adventures serving the Lord and fighting to defend home schooling families. Chris’ love for and principled commitment to Christian home education is legendary, and his tenacious efforts in defense of family freedom equally so.
In 2007, I presented Chris with the John Smith Quadricentennial Award at the Jamestown Quadricentennial. He received a five-minute standing ovation from the more than 4,000 home educators present for the event.
No Apologies blog writes of Chris:
Chris Klicka has been a vital force in the buildling of home schooling in America into a mainstream activity and a political force through the Home School Legal Defense Association. He is also a passionate Christian who wears his love for God on his sleeve. In the last few years, he has lived a very public struggle with MS to bring glory to God – which he has many times over – and to be an encouragement to others.
Lifestyle Education through Discipleship blog posts this:
The name Chris Klicka holds a dear place in the hearts of many home educators. He has stood and helped home educating families since 1985, as Senior Defense Attorney for Home School Legal Defense Association. Many of us have been touched to hear Chris speak, and changed by his books, HomeSchooling: The Right Choice, The Heart of Home Schooling, and Home School Heroes.
Chris has battled MS for several years, and has seen much deterioration lately. After his unsuccessful hyperbaric oxygen treatment late this summer, I was surprised to hear he was feeling well enough to attend the HSLDA Leadership Conference in Colorado Springs this past week.
But during the conference he had to be hospitalized. After several ups and downs - while the saints prayed fervently, they were able to get him fairly stable, yet not back to a place that he would be able to return home.
Early Christian America blog posts:
I cannot say enough about the heroism and faith of my dear friend Chris Klicka. From the days when he and I prayed together in his home in Wauwatosa about what he aspired to do with a dedicated life to Christ and the desire to help God’s people, to the days more recently when he spoke on our radio show about the plight of home schoolers in Germany, Chris remains always an inspiration.

Certainly there are many of us across the country who are praying that Chris will be well… that God will raise him up again to do that which he has accomplished so well throughout his lifetime: He Defended the Truth as it is found in Christ Jesus; he led our nation toward upholding educational freedom (Deuteronomy 6) in home school education, in the process upholding the rich heritage of this nation. Our prayers are certainly with him and his family in this time of trial.
A warrior for years for home schooling families, Chris Klicka is known by thousands ... and thousands more benefit from the work he has done throughout the years as one of the pioneers of the current home school movement.

Prayers and tributes continue to pour in for the Klicka family.

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