Sunday, September 27, 2009

Conservative grassroots resurgence

Donald has a very well thought-out and thorough post at American Power about the resurgence of the conservative grassroots in America including this comment:
We are in the midst of a glorious grassroots conservative comeback. The "moderate" conservatives have made common cause with the left's communist establishment to excoriate concerned citizens protesting for a return to limited goverment and political effectiveness. The real crazies in America are those at the center-left who've been hoodwinked by "Hope and Change" and are now implicated in the attempted radical takeover of the United States.
Conservative Americans are justifiably angry and responding by turning out for nationwide tea parties, local protests against tax hikes, and the national 9/12 March on Washington. Look for the movement to continue and grow as Democrats turn a deaf ear to the people.

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