Friday, February 15, 2013

'Operation Love:' Pete Snyder asks Va. Republicans to be his date at the GOP Convention

Operation Love. Date: May 18, 2013. Location: Richmond, Virginia.

Pete Snyder isn't your typical candidate. He tells you that right up front in his YouTube video.

In one of the most innovative campaign ads that I've seen, Republican lieutenant governor candidate Pete Snyder hit the Valentine's Day airwaves with a YouTube invitation to be his date on May 18. That, of course, if the date of the Republican Convention in Richmond and Pete is looking for delegates.

The ad was, well, just plain fun. With the catchy "Call Me, Maybe" playing in the background and a take off on a dating service video, mixed in with other guys tossing out their names was this one: "Pete. I'm an entrepreneur from Virginia," and he was looking for "some love from Virginia delegates ... looking for some conservatives willing to have a date with guy on May 18."

His video request was complete with flowers, oversized teddy bear, and chocolates. "I look forward to seeing you out there on the campaign trail," he concluded. "Here's my number." Meanwhile, folks throughout the Commonwealth received Pete '13 Valentines and chocolates on Valentine's Day. So look out, Virginia Republicans ... you're being courted by Pete.

Hey Pete -- we want to have a date with you at our SWAC Political Breakfast in Staunton. Here's our number ... will you call us, maybe? For a date? We'd love to see you!

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