Monday, February 11, 2013

The new camera

It was an unexpected birthday present from my dearie. I started with a point-and-click Nikon that slipped into my pocket and was used to capture photo images for my blog, and then advanced to one with better lighting and zoom capability. It has served me well for the past several years.

This new one offers some bells and whistles that were not available before and so I've had some homework, reading about it in the camera book that my son gave me, full of information and explanation and everything necessary to make it easier to turn out excellent photos.

And so the journey continues as my photo-blogging remains an important and fun part of my life. Whether traveling or right here at home ... taking stills of bears or insects ... zooming in on flowers and rocks or zooming out on mountains and snow photos, it's a learning experience that promises to bring more joy.

As I complimented fellow SWAC photo-blogger Bob Kirchman a few days ago about his beautiful nature prints -- ones that I have studied and hope to someday capture on my own -- he told me he learned from two mentors of his own, photographers whose work he studied and emulated. And so he is my mentor in all things in photography as I strive to learn more.

Meanwhile, thanks to my dearie for knowing what I want even when I don't. I have a feeling he will be the subject of many photos in the near future. Oh, that's right ... he's already been shot through the new lens....

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell
February 9, 2013

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