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Rob Bell for AG, Tareq Salahi for Governor at SWAC Breakfast

-Election 2013: SWAC Breakfast crashes the vote with gubernatorial candidate Tareq Salahi
-Election 2013: Attorney General candidate Rob Bell

SWAC Political Breakfast
Special Guest Speaker: Tareq Salahi for Governor
Additional Guest Speaker:
Delegate Rob Bell for Atty General
February 9, 2013
8:30 a.m.
Staunton Shoney's
30 Sangers Lane, Staunton, VA 24401
I-81, Exit 222 (turn east on Rt. 250 to first traffic light; Shoney's on left)

Buffet dutch-treat breakfast $7.99, plus $1.99 for coffee & juice

Additional guest speaker: Del. Rob Bell (R-Albemarle), candidate for Attorney General 2013

About Delegate Rob Bell:
We just got notice that Delegate Rob Bell will also be at breakfast. Del. Bell has carried the Tebow Bill the past several years in the General Assembly as well as Voter ID bills.

An honors graduate of the University of Virginia and the University of Virginia Law School, Rob served as a state prosecutor for five years. He prosecuted over 2,400 cases, working with the police and crime victims to bring criminals to justice. In the Virginia General Assembly, Rob has written laws that crack down on drunk driving. As a result, MADD (Virginia) named him the 2005 Outstanding Legislator. He is also interested in school safety. In recent years, he has written laws to ban criminal sex offenders from school property during school hours and to require additional background checks on school personnel. In 2008, Rob helped overhaul Virginia's mental health commitment laws in light of the tragedy at Virginia Tech. And, in 2009, Rob received the Act, Honor, Hope award from the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance to recognize his work in the Virginia General Assembly.

About Tareq Salahi:

It won't be just an ordinary Saturday in Staunton this weekend when Tareq Salah, a candidate who is the subject of a documentary about running for Governor of Virginia, stops by to meet local citizens and address the SWAC Political Breakfast on February 9. Salahi -- television celebrity, White House party crasher, and candidate for Virginia Governor -- will be discussing his business friendly, fiscally conservative, and socially moderate views on governing the Commonwealth.

Salahi declared his candidacy in 2012 as a Republican. As owner of his family's vineyard outside Front Royal, he understands the challenges faced by small business owners in agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, service, and other industries that are the foundation of economic growth.

He was raised and has lived in Virginia his entire life, and graduated from Randolph-Macon Military Academy in Front Royal, Virginia, as Squadron Commander. He continued his education with a Bachelor of Science degree in Enology and Business Management from the College of Agriculture and Environmental Studies at the University of California-Davis to help his father at their family vineyard. 

Salahi, a nationally recognized television personality, made news in 2008 as the "White House crasher." Now the subject of a documentary about his run for Governor, Salahi commented:

"I look forward to viewers learning who the REAL Tareq Salahi is. Much has been said about me over the past few years that’s inaccurate. People, other than those close to me, have no idea what I’m about.

"This documentary will give viewers a chance to a more personal side of me beyond all the media hype. It’s also a story of never giving up. If I can pull myself up by the boot straps, anyone can. I’m hoping my story will motivate people to do just that.

"One other thing this project will do is feature my passion for the great state of Virginia. I’m at a point in my life where I want to make a difference beyond what I was able do for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Wolf Trap and the three Virginia Governors I have already served. Being the next Governor of Virginia will do just that.

"It’s important to note that I’m not the creative behind this documentary ... Mr. John Campbell and his team are. They approached me after I announced my intention to run for Governor. What comes out in the project is what went down. This is not a scripted film or a guided reality TV Show."
Veteran film producer John Campbell of Campbell Media Group is filming Salahi during his campaign. Campbell has been producing television documentaries for 23 years, and includes the nationally released "America's Team: Being a U.S. Air Force Thunderbird," "The Hidden Adirondacks," "Enter the Haggis: Live at Lanigan's Ball," and others among his work.

Producer Campbell was intrigued with Salahi's political run and wanted to tell his story:

“Tareq’s story is powerful. When I learned that he was running for Virginia Governor, I immediately thought of documenting the process ... more as a human interest story… a story of resilience and the human spirit. Here we have a guy whose triumphs and tribulations have been aired globally … and could have easily hidden for a few years … yet he didn’t. After much soul searching, he decides to go back to his roots … to his passions … one being politics. This documentary has absolutely no political motivation one way or another” says Campbell.
Pro-military, more jobs, less taxes, and less government, Salahi would like to see more trains and less traffic on Ameica's highways. He has worked with government leaders on both sides of the aisle, serving three past governors of the Commonwealth -- Republican Jim Gilmore and Democrats Mark Warner and Tim Kaine -- to promote Virginia and her prosperity. 

About SWAC Political Breakfast
SWAC Political Breakfast is fashioned after the popular “town hall meeting” venue. It is non-partisan and open to everybody in the community. SWAC Breakfast does not promote or endorse any particular party and/or point of view. It serves as a social forum for politically minded people who like to share and discuss ideas with their neighbors. It also allows citizens an opportunity to hear from public figures, elected officials and candidates running for public office. SWAC Breakfast is held at various locations in the community.

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