Friday, February 01, 2013

Schools on 2-hour delay ... snow in area - UPDATED: Waynesboro, Rockingham schools closed

A fast-moving clipper moved through the Valley overnight leaving behind a dusting of snow, flurries, and temperatures in the teens. Authorities decided to be cautious so many schools in the area are on a two-hour delay, and I posted it on my Facebook page.

[Update #1: WSVA is reporting that Rockingham County schools are now closed for Friday.]

[Update #2: NBC-29 is reporting that Waynesboro City schools are now closed for Friday.]

A Facebook friend responded with the following:
Wow ... growing up in the Midwest schools rarely closed for snow. Here in Virginia I have seen the schools close for two weeks at a time twice and close when there was a threat of snow.
I've heard similar comments throughout the years and totally understand why those from snowier regions may scratch their heads at what they consider our over-cautious ways concerning inclement weather. We don't have months of snow that allow drivers to build skills to navigate treacherously slippery roads as our neighbors do to the north and west.

I responded to his comment:
LOL. I guess the simplest answer is "we're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy." In the South, we don't have the amounts of snow like folks do out west or up north so we're extra cautious. With drivers who don't get much practice driving on slick roads, it's nice to have authorities who lean toward the side of caution. If we were fortunate enough to have lots of snow -- you're talking to a snow lover here -- we would be able to hone our inclement weather driving skills. Until then, welcome to the South!
Today's high is expected to be only in the mid-20s with another day of blustery winds that cause chattering teeth and uncomfortably cold conditions. Stay warm out there on this first day of February....

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