Friday, May 10, 2013

Republican AG race: Rob Bell ... dedicated work horse

Delegate Rob Bell is on a mission. Intense, motivated, with a work ethic that rivals the best, he is all over the place these days as he asks for votes in the Republican Attorney General race that will culminate next Saturday at the Republican Convention in Richmond.

While all candidates are working hard to win the favor of voters in the closed convention setting, Bell goes a step beyond in something that is seldom seen in politics: he mails hand-written notes to people along the way. I've received them in the past. Others have, too.

Watch him. He will jot a name on a note pad and it's likely that person will receive a hand-written note thanking them for their hospitality whether it's a committee meeting, breakfast, someone who went out of their way to help, or whatever. When at an event, Rob shakes hands, introduces himself to new faces, engages in issue discussions, and keeps a pace that would shame the Energizer Bunny.

Someone else who wrote personal correspondence? President George H.W. Bush. Looks like Rob is keeping good company.

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