Friday, May 17, 2013

RPV convention analysis from the Valley

Dr. Kurt Michael of Fishersville sat down Friday with news reporter Tom Dempsey of WHSV TV-3 to discuss the Republican Party of Virginia's convention to pick candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general.

From the WHSV TV-3 interview:
On top of choosing the nominees, former Augusta County Republican Committee Chairman Dr. Kurt Michael says one of the main goals of the convention will be to bring the party together.

"What's important about this convention is Ken Cuccinelli will have to pull together three factions within the Republican party. Currently, we have Ron Paul libertarians, establishment Republicans, and Tea Party activists," he explained. "It's extremely important that the Republican party moves as a unit into November's election."

Dr. Michael also said the importance of the convention cannot be understated.

After Virginia went to President Barack Obama and Senator Tim Kaine last year, Republicans must get back on track in 2013 or risk severe consequences.

"If we do not win the governor's seat, that could set the Republican party back 15-20 years," said Dr. Michael. "We are in a purple state. It's turned blue. The Democrats will be pouring all their resources into the state of Virginia to win this seat and to solidify a base...."
Dr. Michael has been involved in Republican politics for more than 20 years. He is a contributor providing political cartoons about current issues to the Virginia Politics On Demand (VPOD) news source that is covering the RPV Convention, and

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