Thursday, May 09, 2013

TODAY: Vote John Cosgrove in 14th Senate District firehouse primary

Today, May 9, from 5-8:00 pm - vote John Cosgrove in Firehouse Primary in the 14th Senate District.

Phil Tran at Chesapeake Liasion recognized pragmatic leadership in his endorsement of John Cosgrove who is running for the state senate seat being vacated by a retiring Harry Blevins:
Throughout Cosgrove’s career, Cosgrove has been a champion for traditional values and for pragmatic solutions to make Chesapeake a great place for business and recreation. Unlike other politicians from both parties who think their ideology is what is best for the people, Cosgrove puts the needs of his constituents first.

Cosgrove knows where his people are and how to reach them because politics is not his day job when the part-time Virginia General Assembly is not in session. Therefore, he does not live in an echo chamber and more readily listens and understands the people. An engineer and musician by trade, Cosgrove is involved locally with his church, Rotary, the Ruritans, and has also served as a youth football and baseball coach.

Still, if conservative Republicanism is your thing, Cosgrove’s thoughtful, pragmatic approach to governance has led to 90%-100% ratings from the American Conservative Union, the Family Foundation, the Virginia Society for Human Life, the National Rifle Association, and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

Libertarians and liberty-minded Republicans should look past the rhetoric and look at the results. John Cosgrove might not be a Ron Paul acolyte, but he does share the same values and has worked to produce such results for the benefit of his community. He is also rock star. [photo of Cosgrove singing with a rock band]
"Pragmatic solutions ... pragmatic approach to governance." John Cosgrove has proven to have the kind of leadership recognized and appreciated by the Political Pineapple.

The fire house primary will be held on Thursday, May 9, 2013, from 5-8 pm. Check for poll locations.

From 14th Senate District: Cosgrove piles up endorsements.

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