Monday, February 19, 2007

"America is not at war ... America is at the mall."

"America is not at war.
The Marine Corps is at war;
America is at the mall."


iPosty said...


post 9-11 Americans have largely forgotten what started this whole thing. With the average American's focus on "ME ME ME" and "Entertain Me Now" clearly they (and I say THEY because though I'm an American, I'm not one of THOSE Americans) don't have the attention span of a 4 year old child..

Rob B. said...

Exceptional picture.

I linked it on our blog.

Picky Eater said...

Thank your beloved George Bush for that. After 9/11, he had the opportunity to ask us all to sacrifice. What did he ask? He asked us to GO SHOPPING.

I think when history looks back on the utter failure of his Presidency, that will be the defining moment in which he had more opportunity to do good than any other President in American history, and he blew it in an almost cartoonishly bad way.

He is the first President to grant tax giveaways to the rich during fact, to grant any tax reductions in wartime. This entire war is financed by China and other foreign owners of our national debt. Bush has charged it to our children and grandchildren...if our economy doesn't collapse before they can re-pay it.

And chickehawks like Lieberman, Cheney, and Bush aren't even teaching their children that Daddy's war is important enough to fight themselves. Just send other people's children. Make other people pay and sacrifice. It's horrible.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

You're welcome ... for your freedom and safety the past five years when no bombs have exploded on you or planes have flown into buildings again.

You're welcome ... that you can live in the best country in the world, a country that spends more money and time to help humanity worldwide than any other, a country that allows you to rant and doesn't throw you in jail like Sadam Hussein did with dissidents in Iraq, a country that encourages women to excel instead of treating them like property as seen under the Taliban before the U.S. went into that country.

You're welcome ... to live in safety because of our volunteer military, men and women who do a job because they signed up to do it. They are protecting your ungrateful neck.

You're welcome ... even though you are part of the problem with our country ... part of the "me, me, me" people who can't get beyond their talking points and hatred of President George W. Bush.

But that's okay because I won't stop working to make this country better which means I will be working against you.

Charles Edward Frith said...

SWAC. I appreciate your Zeal but extra renditions and loss of habeau corpus means the U.S. is no better than Iraq as a model of democracy. Ask the victims you've tortured in the name of your freedom and not theirs. How could you be so selfish not to take a more than binary approach. The mall is the best place for that sort of intellectual debate.


ben said...

Oh blow it out your bung hole, Frith. You know full well the United States treats prisoners better than ANY of its adversaries. And the term you are garbling is "extraordinary renditions". And what does it mean, exactly? Do you know? It means we turn over some prisoners to other nations. If you have a problem with that, please refer them to the other nations. Prisoners of American forces have more rights and better treatment than any wartime prisoners ever had, anywhere, anytime, you name the war.

Possibly, maybe, excepting British treatment of captured Argentines during the Falklands war, but I'm not sure.

Here's a new hobby for you: Instead of holding us to some fantasy standard of yours, why not push the other side to be half as good as we are? Wouldn't it be interesting to see a lawyer actually interview prisoners being held by the enemy? We get in trouble when our soldiers put underwear on prisoners's heads, while your guys cut throats on video and brag about it.

So which would you rather have, the full on nasty Abu Graib treatment, underwear and all, or your throat slit?

And Maura, get a clue. This nation doesn't send ANYBODY'S children to war. ADULTS volunteer.

Maybe the war is being financed by China- won't it be a hoot if we stiff them on the bill? Only fair, I think, as China reneged on tons of its own debts, right?

The chicken argument is pathetic- are you saying that only soldiers, vets, and parents have the right to make national defense policy? This is a free country.

And lastly, in defense of malls: Sad as it seems, Bush did tell us to go the malls. He did so thinking that an atmosphere of "normal" would keep the economy from falling apart, and we need the economy to pay for things like J-DAMS. J-DAMS are good things- used properly, they avoid complaints of mistreatment of prisoners. But he erred in that this strategy created too wide a gap between America the Mall Shopping Nation and America the Fighting Nation, when the most important thing to our cause is unity.

Thought: If malls are unimportant to the war effort, why do the bad guys in Iraq keep blowing them up?
(Iraq's open air markets being the local equivalent of our malls.)

Oh well, some good, some bad, such is life.


evi1joe said...

It's also on a sticker: