Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thank you, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, for supporting President Bush & the war

I am proud of my Congressman, Bob Goodlatte, who is supporting President Bush's request for additional troops to be sent to Iraq. He has actually been to the Middle East to speak with our Armed Forces. He has heard their belief in this mission and their support of their Commander-in-Chief.

Congressman Goodlatte is scheduled to speak on the House floor this afternoon and I hope to see him when he appears. My TV is still tuned to C-SPAN and I am warmed by the passion voiced by those who feel we are correct in being in Iraq and that the President's plan to add troops is the correct thing to do.

I was especially moved by Representative Todd Akin (R-Missouri) whose son is a Marine who served in Falusia. His son believes some things in life are worth defending ... and some convictions are worth defending with our lives. We are fighting terrorists who believe in blowing up innocent people to make a statement. Thank you, Representative Akin, for your son's service to this country.

If you agree call Congressman Bob Goodlatte's office and thank him for supporting the President, our troops, and our Country! His D.C. office is (202) 225-5431.

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