Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Brrr ... -2 in Valley this morning

Wow - it's cold in the Valley today!

Our previous low had been 8 degrees last week but by 6:00 last night the temperature had dipped to 10 degrees. The clear sky was a sure indication of extremely cold overnight temps and, sure enough, the old thermometer was reading less than zero this morning. At our house it was minus 2 degrees.

Now that's cold!

We kept the woodstove cranked all night to help ward off the chill. I woke this morning feeling under the weather and am now moving sluggishly through my day while navigating on get-you-well-but-make-you-sleep-like-a-baby medicine.

The forecast tonight is calling for snow. We've had one small snow so far but everyone is waiting for the big one. This isn't supposed to be the big one but at least it's snow ... and it's been so cold it won't go anywhere anytime soon.

President Ronald Reagan's Birthday: Just a note of remembrance for this great man on his birthday. I've included one of my favorite Reagan quotes in honor of him.

"There's no limit to what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit."
President Ronald Reagan


Anne Taetzsch Fitzgerald said...

It is so cold that my car died today. My poor little battery just conked out!

Thankfully I have an awesome dad who's gonna help me resuscitate it.

For the record--I am NOT enjoying this weather. If I wanted to freeze my tush off, I'd move to Alaska!

cafe de emporia said...

Hey! What about global warming!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

John - Global warming - heh. The global warming proponents would say the extreme cold weather is somehow caused by global warming.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Elle, your little car must like warm weather as much as you! Feel free to come sit by my woodstove a spell.... :)

Aren't dads wonderful? Mine rescued me from a number of mechanicial fixes over the years ... I miss that man.

As to Alaska: Been there, loved that! I must be part Eskimo at heart. :)