Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Snow Day in the Valley!

Snowy day in the Valley
After snowing all night, we awoke to 4-5" of the white powdry stuff this morning. What a Winter Wonderland! Schools are out so we're going to do some sledding, drink some hot chocolate, and put the chili pot on. Enjoy your snow day wherever you are....


Roci said...


I am at work. The govt didn't stay home for this one.

No snow day :(

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

I'm sorry, Roci. We're happy to share our snow day with you. :)

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

James Madison University opened at noon today for classes, and my son called home a while ago to say the roads were clear for the most part.

That's the best kind of snow ... looks pretty on the hillsides but the roads are clear so we can still get where we need to go. :)