Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Milk & bread? Heck no ... I need chocolate!

I left my class yesterday afternoon at 4:00 and headed for the pharmacy to pick up medicine for this cold that refuses to let go of me. Since the weather forecast was for inclement weather in the area, I knew the grocery stores would be backed up ... but I was surprised to turn into Rite Aid and see a packed parking lot full of vehicles.

Were shoppers after milk and bread?


They were after ... Valentines.

Everyone was clumped around the chocolates, stuffed animals, and cards on the Valentine aisles. Since Valentine's Day was only two days away, and with ice and snow in the forecast, I suppose they were afraid they wouldn't be able to get out to pick up goodies for their significant others.

I took a cue from them ... and bought Valentine treats for my family and friends.

Didn't need the milk and bread ... but needed the chocolates!

I'm ready for Valentine's Day.

Now ... if I could just shake this cold I'd be a happy camper....

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