Monday, February 05, 2007

Profiles in Courage

Everyday people doing extraordinary things

My friend, Kim, emailed to say she wanted a WIN THE WAR sign for her front yard. She also let me know she had put a candle in the window of her Stuarts Draft home to show support and thanks for our military men and women.

I cried.

Kim just returned home from her third brain tumor operation at University of Virginia Hospital. She is only 41 years old ... has a husband who loves her ... and a 16-year-old daughter who adores her. She's recuperating from surgery and, yet in typical Kim style, she wanted to show her public support for our troops, our President, and our country.

She's an example to those of us who are too lazy or too busy to care. When she could rightfully be absorbed in her own world ... she instead is reaching out to care for others.

Kim's priorities are God, her family, and her country.

I met Kim six years ago, before her health problems began, during the first Bush for President campaign when she came by Republican headquarters to pick up a yard sign and volunteer. She and I worked many hours in headquarters together, and I was delighted to be in the presence of such an optimistic and cheerful person. She and her daughter have stood with us at Support the Troops rallies in the years since then.

During the Allen campaign Kim was recuperating from her second brain tumor surgery and, although self-conscious about her short hair, she was determined to volunteer ... and worked the Marriage Amendment and Republican booths at the county fair. Her short hair was adorable and we told her so ... she looked very stylish. Her eyes sparkled as she smiled and greeted fair-goers ... her optimism was contagious.

But during the fall she began to have trouble with sight in one eye, and a trip to UVA confirmed she needed more surgery, something that occurred in January, and she is recuperating at this time.

She is an inspiration to me and a reminder to count my blessings and hold tight to those I love.

Kim is a shining example of Profiles in Courage. God bless and swift recovery. I love ya, Girlfriend!


badrose said...

I have to believe that the Kims in our world far outnumber the Jane Fondas. The Jane Fondas just get more attention. Excellent post.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

I agree, Badrose. I took the sign to Kim this afternoon and, as I was putting it up in her front yard, she came to the door and called out for me to come inside because it was too cold out there.

Typical Kim ... she was concerned about me being cold. I popped in for a moment to give her a hug and wish her well as she's still recuperating, and she was bubbly and cheerful even though she's dealing with a very serious health issue.

What a shining example of the human race....

Anonymous said...

I wish Kim well. Stuarts Draft, well, we might even be neighbors then.