Sunday, February 11, 2007

"WIN THE WAR" rolls on and on and on....

Rode from one end of Augusta County to the other today with a friend taking more pictures of WIN THE WAR signs. It's exciting to see the Silent Majority expressing themselves with signs, candles in the windows, and letters to the editor. We are standing behind our Armed Forces, our President, and our Country. Victory in Iraq!

Driving around Augusta County is something I don't mind doing at anytime. Today it was cold and clear with snow on the fields, and the winter woods were especially beautiful on the mountain slopes ... a contrast of dark, bare trees against the white snow on the ground. We could see the condos up at Wintergreen and, as I drove home, the sunset was spectacular behind the Shenandoah Range of the Alleghany Mountains.

The lady in Lexington who bought 20 signs last week depleted her supply and has requested 20 more. We're hoping to check out that area soon and get photos from there.

My friend and I talked politics over lunch and while we drove around the county ... two political junkies getting their political fix ... it doesn't get much better than that!

We support the Armed Forces. Win the War! Victory in Iraq.

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