Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl and friends....

Got friends gathering here to watch the Super Bowl ... got the TVs tuned to the pre-game show ... have food on the table and adult liquid refreshments flowing ... we're good to go.

We're all cheering for the Colts. My 19-year-old daughter is a huge Peyton Manning fan.

Some years ago a friend and I saw the Colts play the Miami Dolphins in Baltimore when they were still the Baltimore Colts. I remember watching from the stands of the stadium and commenting that those huge pro football players looked so small. It was exciting to be in the middle of the crowd ... but tonight it will be fun to be in the midst of friends here at home.

It's all in good fun. Hope your team wins!

Update: Colts won!! Final score: Colts - 29; Bears - 17.


Charlie Bishop said...


Remember, talk all you want during the game, but hush when the commercials come on.

(I can say that now, now that I no longer bet on football. My former bookie had to apply for welfare when I quit.)

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Alton, we laughed at the commercials but there didn't seem to be as many good ones this year. I particularly missed the "tried and true" Anheuser--Busch commercials with the typical theme music ... although the one they had with the muddy-spotted (Dalmation) dog was cute ... but no Anheuser--Busch theme music.

Hope you and yours enjoyed the game and the fun of friends.