Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Right-Wing Liberal keeps an eye on terrorism....

I like D.J. McGuire at Right-Wing Liberal. I met him at Bill Bolling's Bloggers Day in Richmond and he was outgoing and friendly to everyone as we talked together and discussed our latest writings. He and I had a back-and-forth discussion through the ODBA message board one day about the variety of Muslim sects and the differences ... the ones who are peaceful and the ones who are radical ... and I finally told him he lost me in the minutia of it all because he knows this stuff inside and out.

D.J. has been doing some phenomenal postings, both on domestic issues such as John Warner's betrayal to Republicans and the President, and on foreign issues such as terrorism.

Today he has two posts that are must reading for anyone interested in homeland security and domestic/foreign policy. DJ certainly does his homework.

Check out Vote for SB 1331 - Sudan Disinvestment Act and then follow up with That Last Post on Sudan Gave Me More Fodder Against Warner and Webb.

Thanks for the info, D.J.

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