Thursday, February 01, 2007

WIN THE WAR signs are a hit!

WIN THE WAR signs continue to go up in Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County (SWAC).

They can also be seen in Albemarle County, Charlottesville, Lexington, and Rockbridge County, and we've had inquiries from Henrico, NoVA, and Tennessee.

We have traveled to all corners of the SWAC area to deliver signs and have enjoyed meeting folks who heard about it through the newspaper article, from SWAC-GOP News, from a friend, or from seeing a sign in a neighbor's yard. Everyone is enthusiastic and many have said, "Thank you for doing this." Others have added, "Please call on us if you need any help."

Military families touch us the most ... they are grateful to have a way to show their support for the Troops, the President, and our Country.

ELECTRIC CANDLES IN THE WINDOWS: Don't forget to put an electric candle in the window to show support for our troops and to thank them for their sacrifice for our freedoms.

Build morale on the homefront and on the battlefield. Spread the word ... START A TREND!

Update: We received a request for 20 signs from folks in the VMI community in Lexington.

Update: Thanks to Isophorone for helping spread the word.

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Isabel said...

Where can we get "Win the War" signs for our yard??