Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Delegate Chris Saxman's campaign finance reform bill passed

Richmond, VA -- The House of Delegates passed Delegate Chris Saxman's (R-Staunton) campaign finance reform legislation, HB 3150, by a vote of 64-34, today. All Republicans, five Democrats and two independents voted for passage of the meaningful measure.

The legislation prohibits General Assembly members, the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General from attending political party committee fundraisers during regular session of the General Assembly. Current state law forbids members of the General Assembly from soliciting and receiving campaign contributions when the General Assembly is in session, but it does not forbid any state elected official from attending political fundraisers during a session of the General Assembly.

Delegate Saxman introduced the legislation to further detach the legislative process from the political process in Virginia.

"I think it is important that during the short time the General Assembly convenes each year that we only focus on the legislative process," Delegate Saxman explained. "Implementation of this legislation will instill further confidence in the citizens of Virginia that we are in Richmond to represent them and not the powerful lobbying groups."

The bill has passed the House and been communicated to the Senate of Virginia for its consideration.

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